Danitrio Triple Pen Case

This case was made by Michael from my63leather. You can find him at my63leather@wordpress.com . 

This case was made to hold 3 Danitrio Genkai fountain pens. It measures by about 12 inches in length (with the flap open) and 3.75 inches in width. 

The case is made from a beautiful mahogany coloured leather. This allows the tones from the red dye underneath to show through the leather creating a rich looking appearance.

The protective case is nice and sturdy- perfect for storing and covering the pens. The pen slots inside the protective case are lined in a gorgeous red suede which is soft to the touch. The suede is also on the underside of the flap to not only look more appealing, but to ensure full protection for the pens being stored. Near the pen slots, there is a small space for storing the pen holder. This is very convenient for taking on-the-go and is able to hold 2 pens.

When putting the pens inside the slots, I noticed that the opening was the perfect size- small enough that the pens don't move about while travelling, and large enough that they are not difficult to put in or take out. Another thing to note is how the pens fit inside the slots. This case shows the top of the pen peeking out from each slot. I enjoyed this because I like being able to see which pen is where rather than searching for the one I want. This can be changed to what you prefer so a case can be made so that the tops aren't visible and are instead fully hidden inside the case. No matter your preference in design, the flap will still fully cover all three slots.

Moving on to the outside, we see that the flap is being held in place by a leather strap going across the middle case. The flap is held underneath the strap very securely. It can be personalised to your liking. The strap is held in place by red stitching which compliments the colour of the case very nicely.

The cable is finely threaded all around the case and is done well. However, there are a few minor threading imperfections on the backside of the case which is completely understandable seeing as it was done completely by hand.

All in all, this case is very well made in all aspects. The quality of the materials used cannot be ignored and the entire case is stunning to look at. The compliments of the red suede along with the thread brings the whole case together in such a way that the overall quality can be seen from afar. I would definitely recommend this case to anyone looking for a case of great quality that looks absolutely superb.